School Lunch Program

Lunch Times

Grade Time
Kindergarten 11:05 a.m.
1st-3rd Grade 11:25 a.m.
4th-6th Grade 11:45 a.m.
7th-8th Grade 12:10 p.m. *Wed. 12:20 p.m.

Orange You Happy Catering

Hot Lunch from Orange You Happy Catering is served Monday through Thursday. Milk and bottled water are served Monday – Friday.

Orange You Happy Catering will be providing hot, nutritional lunches including salad bar, milk or bottled water through their website via their partnership with There are two sizes of lunches per Federal Guidelines. ($4.50 for regular and $5.00 for large) If only buying milk, it is sold as an a la carte item and needs to be ordered for each day. OLMC participates in the Federal Milk Program, thus keeping the price of milk to 10¢, when milk is ordered online through the Orange You Happy Catering website.

To order lunch or milk for your child or children, you will have to register online and then all you have to do is click, order, and pay.

Ordering Instructions

Walk-In Option

Same-day walk-in service is offered for a cost of $6.00 per lunch. Students must bring cash for this option.

Milk 10¢ online, 25¢ day of. Bottled water is 50¢ day of. All purchased hot lunches include either milk (low fat regular or low fat chocolate) or bottled water.

Friday Junior High Pizza Sale Fundraiser

On Fridays, students can either bring their lunch and drinks from home or they may purchase Pizza from our JR High Friday Pizza Sale Fundraiser. Milk may be ordered online or walk-in purchase for 25¢.