Our History

Our school was started through the hard work and dedication of many in the Catholic community. We are blessed and honored to have been educating students since 1945.


  • 1932 - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish is established.
  • 1945 - Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School is opened with approximately 80 students in grades one through five.
  • 1949 - The school expands using an adjacent adobe house, adding grades six through eight.
  • 1951 - A new four-classroom school is built in front of the convent.
  • 1956 - The school land is purchased by the University for expansion. A family donates 10 acres of farm land three miles east and south to allow the school to relocate to its current site.

Our school relocation in the late 1950s also included the convent and Parish. We’ve expanded over the years, adding classrooms and other facilities to accommodate the increasing enrollment. We currently serve about 400 students in 19 classrooms.

We often reflect on our humble beginnings in 1945 when we opened our school with second-hand desks and chairs. Students used chalkboards and old greeting cards for assignments because paper was scarce and expensive. At Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School, we continue our focus on maximizing resources to keep tuition low and serve as many students as possible.