Before & After School Care: Kids Club

Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Kids Club supports and supplements the family by providing a safe environment for students before and after school. Kid's Club offers students quality supervision in a caring environment. The program is available to students in kindergarten through 8th grade.

Hours of Operation

The Kids Club hours of operation are as follows:

Before School - 7:00 - 7:45am.
After School - Regular Days 3:00 - 6:00pm
After School - Early Release Days 12:30 - 6:00pm

Before School

Students should not arrive on campus prior to 7:45am. However, we know from time to time students will need to be dropped off earlier. As a free service to our families, students may be dropped off in the library at 7:00am. Our media specialist will supervise the students until 7:45am, at which time they will be released to the school grounds. Students who wish to remain in the library until the first bell rings, may do so.

After School

All school families will be required to register for Kids Club regardless if they plan to use the program or not.

For safety reasons, students need to be picked up by the times indicated below. If they are not picked up by the designated time, they will be placed in Kids Club and the family will be assessed the necessary fee for this service.

After School - Regular Days 3:20pm
After School - Early Release Days 12:50pm

Students in kindergarten will need to be picked up at their classroom by 3:15pm on regular days and 12:45pm on early release days. If a parent or sibling is not available to pick them up by that time, they will be checked into Kids Club by the teacher.

Our library will close at 3:20pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Those students remaining in the library at that time will be placed into Kids Club. The library is closed on Wednesday after school due to staff meetings.

If students participate in an after-school activity (Learning Labs, Chess Club, Sports, etc.) they will need to be picked up at the door/field at the scheduled time of release. If there is not a parent to pick them up, they will be placed in Kids Club.

At no time will students be released from an activity on their own to wait on the school grounds or meet a parent in the parking lot.

If you have multiple students and one student participates in an after-school program, the student who is not participating must be under his/her parent’s supervision. If the student is unsupervised, he or she will be placed in Kids Club, regardless of age.

Fee Schedule

The Kid's Club is self-supporting and thus fees will be charged. There will be no fees assessed for the before-school program.

The rate per student is $3.00 per half hour, charged in half-hour increments. A maximum of $200 per month per student will be charged, excluding late pick-up fees.

Late Pick-up Fees

The late pick-up fee is $3.00 per minute per student.

Family use of the program is totaled at the end of each month and billed accordingly.