“Do You Hear What I Hear?”

12-13-2020Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

Throughout the day Tuesday, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the Church bells rang out, bringing pause to the usual flurry of activity and joy to the face of all within earshot. Each peal of the bell reminded me that it is indeed a blessing to be HERE to HEAR and filled me with gratitude for this community!

Here are few updates as we enter the week before break:

  1. This week, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) officially adopted the CDC’s updated guidelines for isolation/quarantine. Isolation, for those diagnosed with COVID-19, remains at 10 days. Quarantine, for those close contacts of a known COVID positive person, has been changed to 7 - 10 days. The quarantine period is 7 days for someone who shows no sign of illness and tests “negative”. The quarantine period is 10 days for someone who shows no signs of illness, but does not get tested.
  2. The vaccine is almost here! First doses are expected to arrive in Arizona by December 15th and Public Health is ready to begin distribution immediately. An overview of the distribution and administration plan can be accessed here: ARIZONA COVID-19 VACCINE DISTRIBUTION PLAN. Both vaccines were developed with m-RNA technology and neither contains human cells or viral cells.The vaccine requires two doses, given 21 - 28 days apart, for one to be fully immunized. Because of this and the targeted distribution of the vaccine, it will be some time before enough people are immunized that we can safely abandon mitigation strategies.
  3. Community spread of the virus remains beyond “substantial” throughout Arizona. Maricopa County recorded the highest number of positive cases on November 30, 2020 (4,272), since the onset of the pandemic. The School Health Team at MCDPH remains committed to supporting the education of our children in the scenario safest for the individual school. Currently, at OLMC, we have 0 cases of COVID and less than 0.5% of our students on quarantine because of close contact with a COVID positive person, outside of school. We have had 0 cases of transmission of infection at school.
  4. As we all leave for Christmas Break, let’s remember to take with us those practices that help control the spread of infection: Hand hygiene, physical distancing and mask wearing. It is especially important to protect those who are vulnerable to the worst effects of viral infection. If, over break, anyone in your family contracts COVID, please report this by email to shannondavid@olmcschool.info. We will continue to follow the protocols for reporting to MCDPH over break. 

Last Sunday, my Parish Priest began delivering his Homily, as he often does, in a conversation with the children. He was speaking of the many ways God reaches out to us to establish relationships and how Jesus is the ultimate communication of this. When asked, “What do you think God wants to tell us by sending Jesus?”, a child, no more than four, answered in the smallest of voices, “That we’re gonna be o.k.” The beautiful silence that followed, and the tears in the eyes of many, confirmed that we all heard the message. The Priest, who probably spent a good deal of time Saturday night carefully planning his sermon, realized he needn’t say anything more. A child had delivered the message we all need so desperately to hear and I couldn’t help thinking ‘how blessed I am to be here!’

Joy to the world! Merry Christmas!