April 18

04-18-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear Parents,

This next week is the start of ITBS week. Children in grades 1st through 8th will be administered the test. The third and sixth graders will take an additional test, the coGAT. We will begin testing first thing in the morning, so please have your child/children to school on time. These are long days for the children. Remind them to eat breakfast and pack a water bottle! They also need sharpened, #2 pencils.

Congratulations to Emma Baker who was the recipient of the 2021 Catholic Community Foundation Scholarship for $17,000! For her eighth grade year $1,000 will go towards her tuition at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and $4,000 a year will be sent to the Catholic High School which she will be attending. What a huge honor!

Tomorrow I will send an email home listing those who have applied for the School Advisory Board. There will be a link to vote. Please vote by Friday, April 23rd at midnight.

This week first and second grade have Mass and the children need to be in Mass dress.

The second graders will be hosting I-Help this Thursday. Please send me photos of your child helping prepare or bring the food!

The children who are participating in Confirmation and First Communion will have a mandatory meeting on Thursday at 6pm for the 10am Mass and 7pm for the 1pm Mass. Please say a prayer for them as they are receiving the sacraments on Saturday.

This Friday we will have the Staff vs. 8th grade volleyball game at 2pm. The 7th graders will be outside to watch it live and we will stream it into the classrooms. Should be fun! The 8th graders are allowed to wear their 8th grade shirt and PE shorts all day!

Have a beautiful week.
Dr. Shewbridge