The Falcon Family Fund's mission is to provide financial support where assistance is necessary for members of the Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School community who experience financial need.


We are all God's children, and we are all one body, one family in Christ. The Falcon Family Fund's purpose is to offer OLMC families in need financial aid and/or resources to assist with expenses such as school lunches, food, uniforms, fees, and other necessary items/expenses. Assistance can be one-time in nature or on-going.


OLMC School and Preschool:

  • Students and their immediate families/caregivers
  • Teachers (including aides and instructional assistants, full and part time)
  • Administrators and staff
  • Kids Club employees


The Falcon Family Fund will be funded through private donations as well as by contributions from OLMC organizations. Additionally other "asks" will be made to the OLMC School and Parish community throughout the school year. Grant requests will also be made to organizations such as the Catholic Community Foundation. A Falcon Family Fund balance will be maintained year-round to assist family members in need.

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Process for Requesting Assistance

Faculty members may notice or become aware of needs of a student's family or become aware of needs with their co-workers/colleagues. These needs/observations should be communicated to the Principal or Vice Principal as soon as possible so that the individual/family can be proactively contacted, and their possible needs assessed.

Conversely, OLMC School and Preschool family members can self-identify needs by reaching out to any OLMC faculty member. The faculty member should then notify the Principal or Vice Principal as soon as possible so the individual/family can be contacted, and their needs assessed.

Conversations about financial needs are to be held strictly confidential.

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Financial Assistance Approval

Approval of financial assistance will be made by a committee determined by the OLMC Pastor and School Principal. Requests for assistance and decisions by the committee will be held strictly confidential. Families and names will remain anonymous to the committee to ensure privacy.

Not all financial requests can be approved and financial requests that receive approval may be limited due to funds available and other factors.