Learning Standards

The Diocese of Phoenix coordinates a cycle of curriculum review, revision and implementation for all curricular areas.  Our Lady of Mount Carmel utilizes these adopted curricula to direct day-to-day learning.

Our core curriculum meets and exceeds the standards of other private and public schools.  Students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel are taught religion, communication arts (reading, writing, Spanish, etc.), mathematics, science, social studies, fine arts, and physical education.

Through active learning strategies that promote decision making skills, problem solving techniques, and critical and creative thinking, students at Our Lady of Mount Carmel are encouraged to discover and develop their many talents.

Our goal is to prepare each student who graduates from Our Lady of Mount Carmel School to be:

A Faith Follower who

  • demonstrates knowledge of Catholic teachings and traditions
  • is an active participant in a community of faith
  • gives to those in need
  • develops a morality based on Catholic values

A Responsible Citizen who

  • knows and uses the Discipline With Purpose skills
  • explores concepts, ideas, and issues that have significance in the student’s life
  • shows respect for authority
  • demonstrates school and civic responsibility
  • expresses patriotism
  • models positive sportsmanship and team building behaviors

An Effective Communicator who

  • applies listening skills
  • uses oral and written language effectively
  • demonstrates a foundation for communicating in a second language
  • exhibits creativity and talents through self-expression

A Critical Thinker and Problem Solver who

  • anticipates and assesses problems
  • applies complex problem solving and critical thinking to real life scenarios
  • integrates information learned across the curriculum
  • demonstrates the use of cognitive organizers

A Quality Producer who

  • works both independently and cooperatively
  • uses technology skillfully and effectively
  • identifies, organizes and accomplishes realistic goals