Norbert the Nutrition Bird

Hi! I’m Norbert the nutrition bird and I love nutrition. In fact I love nutrition so much that I talk about it all the time.

Each day at lunch, I’m going to share with you my knowledge of nutrition so we can all grow big and strong physically, mentally, and spiritually. Sometimes I talk about fruits, sometimes vegetables, sometimes whole grains, or vitamins and minerals. On other days I may talk about keeping our bodies hydrated (you know drinking water) or getting the right amounts and types of foods to nourish us. I even talk about digestion and how the food we eat transforms in our body. So get ready for a great new school year!

*The information provided by Falcon Catering regarding our food and beverage program is complete as possible at time of this publication. Ingredients are reported to us by our suppliers per the federally mandated statutes at time of publication. Variations may occur depending upon the supplier, and may change periodically. Falcon Catering does not assume responsibility for any person’s sensitivity or allergy to any food item in our lunch program.

*Please always consult your healthcare practitioner for questions regarding specific diets.