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From the Principal

November 29

11-29-2020Dr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Families,

I hope you had a beautiful Thanksgiving. I am sure this was different from past years, but even with everything going on, there are still so many things to be thankful for!!

As we move into the Advent Season the 7th graders usually lead us in prayer and light the Advent Wreath before school. We will not do this as a community in the prayer Garden but we will still be praying together in our classrooms. The 7th graders have recorded these prayers and we will share them with you on our YouTube page and social media for you to enjoy every morning. These videos will be streamed into the classrooms as well.


From the Nurse

Having 20/20 Vision in 2020

11-29-2020Shannon David, RN, NCSN

In medical terms, having ‘20/20 vision’ means a person sees with optimum acuity and clarity. In popular culture, the phrase ‘20/20 vision’ means a person has a clear view of a situation. In the year 2020, one needs far more than perfect vision to see clearly through the cloudy atmosphere of the coronavirus pandemic! So much of what we hear seems confusing, conflicting, or inconsistent such that the effects of the “infodemic” may leave us angry, frustrated, or overwhelmed. Late last Wednesday, as we headed into our Thanksgiving Break, the CDC indicated that it is considering shortening the quarantine period for those persons who have close contact with someone who is COVID positive, but remain free of symptoms. For those who have had to endure a 14-day quarantine, this news probably has them seeing red. Why the change, especially now with an increase in coronavirus cases nationwide? The answer is “evidence”.


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