School Advisory Board Members


The School Board functions as an advisory board to the pastor and principal in matters relating to Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School.

The school board promotes a clear understanding and communicates the mutual educational responsibility of parents, teachers, and administrators. It assists the school in achieving the goal of providing a quality Catholic education to students by integrating the teachings of the Catholic Church throughout the educational process, and guiding students toward a conscious choice of living a responsible Catholic life.

Voting Board Members

Vice President: Katie Vallecorsa,
Paul Pistilli,
Carrie Lopez,
David Wirth,
Claire Stern,
Allison Hall,
Matt Kochis,
Ashley Hall,

Non-Voting Members

Pastor: Father Robert,
Principal: Dr. Kelly Shewbridge,
Assistant Principal: Tony Groseta,
Preschool Director: Monica Ferrance,
Faculty Representative: Rebecca Evans,
Dads’ Club President: Marc Stern,
Home & School President: Alma Douglas,
St. Therese Womens Group: Lisa Sullivan,

Finance Department Representatives: Tim States, and Jenn Blackstad,