From Our Pastor

Fr. John

Education has many faces. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish School seeks to portray the face of Christ. Our parish's ministry of education is for the purpose of forming our children in the ways of the Gospel. Teaching the mind alone ignores the spiritual and moral development necessary to become fully human.

Authentic education seeks to develop the entire person, intellectually, spiritually and morally. Education is not simply imparting knowledge or information but should assist the person to begin the process of transforming knowledge into wisdom. Here at Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, our primary purpose is to educate our children in the ways of faith. This means not just making sure they can read or write, but also that they can think. The world is challenging. Our children need to be given the tools necessary to perceive the true structure of reality and to understand the human condition in the light of faith. Our goal is to give them a foundation upon which they can build as they mature. Our hope is that they will realize that our Faith is their inheritance. Choosing Catholic education means choosing a life of faith. This means that what our children learn in school must be modeled at home. The only reason to choose our school is to impart to your child an education in the context of faith formation. We fully expect parents to be integrally involved in the educational process and immersed in the life of the parish. We remain committed to the highest standards of excellence. We are committed to the well being of our children. We are supportive of family life. The greatest gift you can give to your child is a relationship with God. We, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel willingly offer our full resources to help you do just that. May God bless you and your family.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. John Bonavitacola
Pastor, Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish