Welcome to Preschool


My name is Monica Ferrance and I am the preschool director at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preschool. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preschool has been in operation for more than ten years and thanks to the tireless work of our former directors, we now run one of the largest preschools in the Phoenix Diocese. The number of families attending OLMC Preschool has doubled in size in the last five years. We attribute that to our family-like atmosphere, our outstanding kindergarten preparation, and, above all else, our Faith Formation.

I have been a preschool teacher for several years and I am amazed at what a wonderful collection of women who work at the preschool. The staff is a well-trained, understanding and dedicated group that truly enjoys working with each other. It is an extended family environment designed to help your little one transition to kindergarten. Do not let the amount of families enrolled alarm you. We are a close knit community with many returning families. Every child and family feels welcome.

Kindergarten is a big step in a young child’s life. Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preschool breaks it all down into smaller steps to help make the transition easier. Your child will learn letter recognition and sounds, math recognition and concepts. Your child will also develop social skills to play with other students, follow instructions from teachers, and develop a love of learning. OLMC Preschool is a play based learning environment that makes school fun. Our kindergarten teachers have often remarked that the preschool has prepared their current students to feel comfortable and thrive in their kindergarten classes.

Most importantly, OLMC Preschool is a Christ-filled environment that develops the child as a whole person. We introduce the child to age-appropriate bible stories, morning prayers, and following the path of Christ. We are fortunate to have our Religion Atrium in the preschool. It is our hope to begin their first steps in a lifelong journey with Jesus.

In closing, I hope you find our preschool to be part of your extended family. Our preschoolers are paired with fifth graders as “buddies” and attend Mass with them on occasion. They are welcomed into the Mount Carmel community. I have experienced varying degrees of preschool with my own three children and I can speak from experience that OLMC Preschool prepares children to be comfortable and succeed in kindergarten. I invite to you come meet our wonderful staff and see how Our Lady of Mount Carmel Preschool is the right choice for your family.

In Christ,
Monica Ferrance