Smart, Healthy, Holy: A Home & School Partnership

Phase I Reopening Plan Summary

This plan is for an August 17 school opening. This is an abbreviated summary version of the detailed plan. The goal is to create the best environment for the health and overall well-being of the students, teachers, and families of our OLMC Community.

*Guidelines will be adapted as we learn more.

At home:

  • Practice good hand washing.
  • Parents check children for fever and any symptoms using the screening tool provided.

At School in General:

  • Healthy students will attend school 5 days a week when possible. Nurse David will be available to screen students in a designated spot. Real Time Virtual Learning online will be available for students that are not able/choose not to attend in-person.
  • Only students and staff allowed on campus. Parents will drop off their students in the parking lot or at the school gate. (Preschool and Kindergarten parents may accompany students to the door of the classroom and the parent MUST wear a mask)
  • Students wash their hands every time they enter their classroom or McCready.
  • Cleaning crew will clean daily with EPA approved COVID disinfectant.
  • HVAC units were sanitized and upgraded with disinfecting needlepoint bipolar ionization and filters.
  • Students and staff are encouraged to wear masks when physical distancing is not possible, but masks will not be required. This is subject to change based on local mandates.

In the Classroom:

  • Students stay with their homeroom cohort and do not move to other classrooms.
  • Students do not share supplies. They need their own water bottles and school supplies.
  • Students sit in staggered rows and columns facing the same direction.
  • Desks will be wiped down with disinfectant wipes frequently and as necessary.

Recess and Lunch:

  • For morning and lunch recess, students will play outside with their homeroom in a designated area.
  • Hand-hygiene will be practiced each time before they enter class or McCready.
  • Students will eat lunch in McCready, 3-4 per table.

Before and After School:

  • For Morning Care (7:00-7:45am), students sit in McCready by homeroom. They go to their classrooms at 7:50am. They will not be able to play outside.
  • Students will leave campus in a new staggered dismissal procedure.
  • For Kids Club (2:55-6:00pm), Kindergarten-4th graders that know they are going to Kids Club will report to McCready at 2:55pm. 5th-8th graders will report to the Library.
  • There will be no CYAA sports in the fall.
  • OLMC after-school clubs may begin in Phase II.