Safe Environments

08-29-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

In May of 2016, A World at School asked children, from all over the world, to draw pictures of what a safe school would look like. Though representing many different countries and cultures, the colorful drawings conveyed one unifying message: “that all children, no matter where they live or what their situation is, want to learn in a place that is safe and secure.” (Safe Schools in Drawings). The need for safety and security is so foundational that Maslow places it at the base of his Hierarchy of Needs.


August 29

08-29-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Community

Junior High Curriculum Night went very well this week. Thank you for attending. The Coffree was also overwhelmingly successful! Thank you to so many parents who attended.

Beginning next week the Library will be open from 7:55-8:10am before school for the children to check out books.

If you are sending your child to Kids’ Club after school, please do not pick up your child until after 3:15pm. It is very busy checking children in. If you are picking up before, please get into the pick up line.


Observational Learning

08-22-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

One of the greatest challenges, over the past 18 months, has been how to interpret and apply the many data points that track various aspects of the Pandemic. As most are aware, data is gathered at the global, continental, national, state and local levels (county, city, district) and can be easily accessed by anyone, at any time.


August 22

08-22-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Community,

It was wonderful to see so many of you here this past week for the K-6 Curriculum Night. It was nice to have this in person again!

As we move into the next week I wanted to inform you of some upcoming events:

*Wednesday, August 18th is Junior High Night. This will begin in the Church at 6pm. Parents, you will then proceed to your child’s homeroom. After the first presentation you will rotate from class to class. This is a parents only event.


Team Play

08-15-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

Upon first entering the office at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School, numerous children are drawn to the glass fronted trophy cases holding many of the large, shiny trophies won by OLMC athletic teams over the years. Impressed Little Falcons often stand and gaze as if The Vince Lombardi, The Commissioner’s, or The Larry O’Brien Trophies sit on those shelves! Team sports play has always been a very important part of the OLMC school culture. While pandemic restrictions prevented sports play last year, this year--sports are back! Judging by student response (over 100 have signed up) our Falcons are eager to get back to the courts and fields.


August 15

08-15-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Community,

Thank you for a wonderful first week! It was so great to get back into a routine. Here is some information for the next week:

*Change to the uniform policy - Every Friday is a Spirit shirt and uniform bottom Friday! 


August 8

08-08-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Community,

It was wonderful to see all of the children at Meet the Teacher these past few days. I am looking forward to a great year. I have a few things I would like you to review prior to Tuesday morning. 

Tuesday is a 12:30 dismissal. It is the first day of school therefore the parking lot will take longer to clear as everyone learns the routines. All of the children are learning the routine, especially the new little ones; therefore, please come packed with patience!


Risk Management

08-08-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

For decades, the children of OLMC have made our parched, barren field their playground. With little complaint, they have found creative ways to exercise, play self-styled games and have even ”named” a few of the trees that surround the perimeter of that humble space! Witnessing the installation of the bright green and vibrant blue play structures--with slides, swings and climbing apparatus--has been a great source of joy over the summer months and we look forward to seeing the children try out the new equipment.


August 1

08-01-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear Parents,

As we are moving closer to the commencement of school, we are continuing to monitor the data and follow recommendations from the Maricopa County Health Department. I am resharing the document pertaining to the safe re-opening of the school as we made some minor changes. Last year we worked tirelessly to follow guidelines and put together a plan which kept us in person from September to the end of the school year. Thankfully there was no transmission at the school. The safety of the school children is our top priority. Our plan will change in the future as we continue monitoring the data and meeting on a weekly basis to determine the safest way to keep the children in person while maintaining a healthy environment. 


A Familiar Tune

07-25-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

Yesterday, All my troubles seemed so far away. Now it looks as though they're here to stay... (Yesterday, Lennon/McCartney)

When school was dismissed on May 27, 2021 for summer break, many left asking if things would be back to “normal” in the 2021-22 school year or if mitigation measures in response to the Pandemic would still be necessary. At that time, it was too soon to tell. We committed to monitoring the situation over the summer months, remaining up to date on current public health guidelines, and developing a plan of action that allows for the formation and education of our students in a safe environment.


July 25

07-25-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Families,

It is hard to believe that school is right around the bend! We are very excited to begin a new year and cannot wait to see the children! Here is some information pertaining to the new school year:

  1. Please read the Nurse’s Notes following my newsletter. In these notes Nurse David has outlined the Back to School protocols pertaining to COVID.
  2. Tomorrow I will send home the Sign up genius for our Meet the Teacher/Orientation. Sign up for 1 time slot per family. This is when you will be completing the necessary paperwork for your child to begin school on August 10. The children will also be able to meet their teacher!

Summer Info

06-18-2021Principal's LetterDr. Kelly Shewbridge

Dear OLMC Community,

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads, grandpas, uncles and brothers! I hope you are having a wonderful day! 

I wanted to give you some information about the upcoming school year. Here is a copy of the calendar for 2021-2022 academic year. It is also always available on the website under the Parents tab.