Trust of Not

09-05-2021Nurse's LetterShannon David, RN, NCSN

The phrase, “Trust, but verify”, rooted in Russian proverbs and first introduced to Americans by President Ronald Regan in 1986, is used quite often in our common culture. It can be found on memes, coffee cups and t-shirts, and is frequently invoked by “friendly adversaries” as a sound philosophy for dealing with one another. While this approach can be understood on a geopolitical stage, it may not be the best approach amongst those desiring to build strong relationships within a community. Afterall, oftentimes the act of checking--verification--means there was no trust to begin with.

Since March 2020, when schools were closed for in-person learning due to the Pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus, through August 2021, we have consistently developed plans to fulfill the mission of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel School--to “provide a holistic Catholic Christian environment that serves the soul, mind, and body of each child”. Knowing that our plans are based on the expertise of public health professionals from a trusted source, when updates such as: "The Delta variant is infecting more children than earlier strains of COVID-19. The latest data from Maricopa County Public Health show 1 in 4 COVID-19 cases are among children and 1 in 6 cases are among children under 12 years old (this group cannot get vaccinated yet)."(, are shared, it is not done to instill fear. Rather, such information helps to define the challenge we face. When information regarding school based data is shared such as: 83% of those in quarantine during the month of August were because of an exposure outside of school and 177 absences, during the month of August, were attributed to students staying home following Daily Screening for any symptom of COVID like illness, it is shared to help define the effectiveness of our mitigation strategies. The most important thing to know is that we have consistently implemented those strategies outlined in the Smart, Healthy & Holy plans--our actions have verified our words. You can trust that all information provided is for the purpose of assisting everyone in this community to accomplish one mission--to have our children at school for the entirety of the school year. If something does not make sense, seems contrary to what has been stated, or needs clarification, please contact Administration or the Nurse’s Office.

We are not adversaries engaged in a cold war. We are brothers and sisters, in Christ, engaged in a war on colds, COVID, influenza, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Let us endeavor to treat each other with respect and mercy, rather than suspicion and mistrust, in all we say and do.  "Words which do not give the light of Christ increase the darkness." - St. Teresa of Calcutta, (whom we commemorate this day), pray for us!

*Beginning September 7, 2021, State mandated hearing and vision screenings will begin. If you do not wish to have your child screened, please notify me at 480-967-5567 X1.